Spend a little time on our Alumni pages and see just how committed our Alumni our to the Chapter. 

Their involvement speaks volumes about their own undergraduate experiences and their desire to ensure that the future Brothers of our Chapter graduate with the same experiences and successes.

Theta Chi Alumni and Daughters have been departing Drake’s campus since 1949 for all points of the globe.

Some have moved a few blocks, while others have landed continents away.  Their interests and passions have taken them to places they never imagined as undergraduates, yet they are all still connected by their fraternity ideals.

We are devoting these pages to keeping everyone connected, regardless of where they live.

Alumni Reunion 2012 - Wisconsin

Wisconsin Reunion 2012

Over 45 Brothers from the 1980’s gathered in Wisconsin at Lake Delavan and Lake Geneva for 4 days and 3 nights of Celebration.

A second event is being contemplated for 2015.  A return to Wisconsin or somewhere more exotic?



3 Responses to Alumni

  1. Jeff Atherton says:

    Does the chapter have reunion plans for members (especially those 50 year grads) at the university reunion in Oct. of 2014?

  2. Jeff Atherton says:

    I mean the reunion on the Drake campus in Oct. 2014. My wife is an Alpha Xi and the 49-50 year alums are organizing things for themselves. Are we doing the same, Have not heard if we are. (My wife and I lived in the Alpha Xi house the year the “old” house was joined to the one next door. This is now the Theta Chi house, so it has memories for both of us.)

  3. gammatau says:

    Brother Atherton, Yes, the Chapter does plan on hosting a reception that weekend. By then, the old chapter house will be torn down and construction will have begun on the new house. We are trying to figure out where we can host an event. Do you know how many brothers will be returning for Drake’s reunion? We will be communicating via email as we get closer. Please tell us what you would like to see and we’ll make every effort to make it happen. You can communicate on this page, or email The entire undergraduate brotherhood looks forward to meeting you and your wife; and hopefully a bunch of your pledge brothers!

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