Parents Club

Dates to Remember:  September 20-21, 2014 : Parents and Family Weekend;  New Member Pledging Ceremony!

                                      October 24-26, 2014: Drake Homecoming; events will be planned for parents and families.

                                      April 24-26, 2014: The Ribbon Cutting on the House and The Drake Relays!


Dear Parents and Families,

Parents and families play a key role in the Theta Chi Fraternity experience.  You are always welcome on campus, and once the new chapter house opens, in the new house.

As your parent representatives we would like to welcome to the Gamma Tau Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity’s “Parents Club”!    It is our goal to help you get comfortable with and share your son’s Theta Chi experience.  We hope to see you on campus often.  Your involvement can only serve to assist the Fraternity in its goal to help your son to be the best he can truly be.

Please make use of the entire website, including the Calendar, Photo Pages, and Event and Newsletter Sign-up pages!

Membership is automatic and there is no cost, unless you choose to donate.  If you are interested, donations can be made directly to the Undergraduate Chapter, OX Building Corp with a directed gift to the Undergraduates, or to the Capital Campaign.  The donation link on the website directs you to your donation options.  Or Donate Here.

For privacy purposes we have chosen to keep the parent contact information off the website.  However, you can gain access to the parent directory through Google Drive.   If we already have your email address, we have already granted you access.  We have also set up a Google Chat Room where parents can coordinate their travel and dining plans, share ideas and concerns, and socialize with their fellow parents.  The links above are click-able, but if you still need access, please email  You can limit the emails this Chat Room generates by adjusting your Chat Room settings.

For those interested, the National Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity also has a Parents Club.

Also, if you have a particular business or personal skill that could benefit the Fraternity, we would love to speak with you about it.  Especially as it might relate to the building of the new Chapter House.

Hope to see you soon!

Cheryl and Jim Thomas, Lakeville, MN
(Anthony, ’15)
Lisa and Barry Lipin, Skokie, IL
(Brandon ’16; Lisa and Barry, Drake Parents Board Members)
**We are looking for Parent Volunteers from the Class of 2017 and 2018; email us at if interested**


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