Dave Schulte ’85

dave schulteFor the better part of the last 30 years, our chapter house has been falling down. Others did their best to duct tape it together to keep it open. When the group formed a few years ago to formally study options, I waited to make a decision. Since I had to overcome the same obstacles to committing that everyone has, to some degree, I thought you might like to know what I considered.

  • I helped use up the house. Not just me;we did not pay enough rent for the way that our group lived in teh structure. I recall watching someone’s feet come through the wall of the chapter room during a mixer. It is time for us to pay for the structure we used.


  • Building this house will be good for Drake. By donating you are ensuring that our alma mater is better off becasue it provides valuable Greek housing options.


  • This new house allows each brother to give back fairly. Over the years I did not contribute time, while others have put in countless hours. This is a way I can do my part, and by spreading it out over several years, I have been able to dig a little deeper.


  • I grew up at Gamma Tau and this new house will allow others to grow up there, too. Recently I gave a lecture at Drake to undergraduate students. My stories from college all had some element of my friendship with you. We got our first degrees from Drake, but we also grew up together-at Gamma Tau. For the role it played in my maturing–and I needed a lot of it–I can give this back like I would to any other institution that fostered me.


  • I can shave some other gifts for a while. My annual charitable giving has lots of beneficiaries. Some of them can take a pass or a smaller amount for a few years and still survive. This chapter will not survive if we don’t make some allocation from that bucket of charity we already spoon from every year.
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