Al Kopec ’79

Al Kopec ’79 knows how exciting it is to live in a new fraternity house. As an undergraduate, Al was one of the first members to live in the new Theta Chi house at 1320 34th St. “When you go through recruitment, you just got a different feel for the brothers,” he said. We had just acquired the house at that. It was a really good vibe.”

As an undergraduate, Al served as chapter president, a role he believes readied him for life as a professional. “It got me prepared for the real world,” he said.”You learn organization, you learn delegation, you learn to trust your brothers and you learn the power of a group working together.”

With a bachelor of science in business administration, Al now works as a consulting actuary. He believes that the social skills he learned as an undergraduate have made a difference in his career path. “Social education made a dramatic impact on me and my ability to interact with clients. I have long-standing relationships with my clients and a lot of it goes back to the time I spent at Theta Chi,” he said. “It’s the foundation that Theta Chi gave for my career. I don’t think I would be this far in my career if I hadn’t been a member of Theta Chi at Drake.”

When Al first heard about the capital campaign for Theta Chi, he knew he wanted to give back so that future generations of Gama Tau members have the same experiences he did, including living in a new chapter house. “We need to leave a legacy and make sure future generations have the same opportunities that were available to us,” he said. “And alumni will have a place to call home when we do return to the campus.”

Al believes it is the responsibility of Gama Tau alumni to provide this opportunity for a new house to the undergraduate members. He knows that his campaign contribution, like others that have given, will positively affect the future of the chapter. “I think we are already starting to see the positive effects,” he said. “The undergraduates have already contributed and pledged their gifts. They went into recruitment very excited because of where we are headed. To have an alumni organization behind them and supporting them is huge. The positive effects will only continue.

Al and his wife, Jacque, live in Irvine, California, and have three daughters: Rachel, Kelsey, and Carly, a Drake graduate and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. He enjoys cycling. skiing, backpacking, playing golf, and practicing yoga.


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